میزان مصرف قرص ضد بارداری ترکیبی است که شامل پروژسترون به نام لوونورژسترل و یک عنصر استروژنی به نام اتینیل استرادیول است. این دارو یک قرص ضد باردری نسل دوم است. این تعداد برای اولین بار تحت مجوز CHEMO شرکت در شرکت داروسازی بین المللی Atipharmed ایران تولید می شود.


  • First hormonal pharmaceutical company in Iran that has been received GMP license.
  • produced by transferring European technology and based on the highest international standards, which ensures its effectiveness and safety.
  • Exclusively packaged by the best blister technology
  • Levitude is the first and only LD contraceptive pill that contains 7 pills of white and placebo without hormone.
  • The efficacy of combined contraceptive pills with a consistent and consequent use is 99.9%, which in case of mistake due to the forgetting of commonly used pills, can be reduced to 91%, but Levitude Due to the presence of 7 placebo pills and the guide for the use of the drug, it provides the consumer with the highest level of efficacy.


  • Mechanism of action:
  • inhibits the secretion of pituitary gonadotropins.
  • ovulation inhibition.
  • changes in the cervical mucus that inhibit sperm penetration.
  • effects on the endometrium that prevent implantation.



  • Contraception
    • Regulate menstruation cycles
    • Reduce the frequency of menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea)
    • Reduce severe and prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia).
    • Endometriosis treatment
    • Treatment of benign fibrocystic breast disease
    • Decreased ovarian cysts


Each Levitude blister contains 21 pills of yellow (containing hormone) and 7 pills of white (placebo) (without hormone). Each blister contains 28 pills, with two different pill sizes arranged in sequence. Levitude is given daily basis at a given time (every 24 hours) with or without food. After taking the seventh white tablet, the next pack of the next tablet will begin, whether the bleeding has been discontinued or not. Even with the use of 7 white blood hormone-free pills, protection against pregnancy will be achieved, but it is necessary to use another contraceptive method during the first 7 days of the first course of drug use.



  • history of thrombosis
  • active acute porphyria
  • current severe liver disease
  • focal migraine at the time of presentation


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