Drosbelin ترکیبی از قرص ضد بارداری است که مولکول پروژسترون آن به نام drospirenone و اجزای استروژنی به نام etinylestradiol است. Drosbelin یک قرص ضد باردری نسل چهارم است. Drosbelin برای اولین بار تحت مجوز CHEMO شرکت در شرکت داروخانه بین المللی Atipharmed ایران تولید می شود. با انتقال تکنولوژی ساخت این دارو به کشور، صنعت داروخانه مناسب ارائه خواهد شد.


  • First hormonal pharmaceutical company in Iran that has been received GMP license.
  • Produced by transferring European technology and based on the highest international standards, which ensures its effectiveness and safety.
  • Exclusively packaged by the best blister technology
  • Anti-mineralocorticoid and anti-androgenic effects, which contain anti-estrogenic effects that prevent water and salt retention and cause bloating and swelling,
  • Prevent painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea),
  • Treatment of acne and hirsutism,
  • No weight gain
  • Reduce LDL and increase HDL (in Long-term).


Each blister contains 21 pink tablets (containing hormone) and 7 white tablets of placebo (without hormone) arranged in sequence. Drosbelin is given daily one tablet at a given time (every 24 hours) with or without food. After taking the fourth white tablet, the next dose of the tablet will begin, whether the bleeding has been discontinued or not. If used in the manner described by Drosbelin, even when taking 7 white pills without hormone, protection against pregnancy will be achieved, but it is necessary to use another contraceptive method in the first 7 days of the first course of drug use.


  • Contraception
  • PMMD
  • Acne Vulgaris
  • PCOS
  • PMS



  • history of thrombosis
  • active acute porphyria
  • current severe liver disease
  • focal migraine at the time of presentation


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